MerCruiser Turn-Key Starting (TKS)

Mercury MerCruiserŽ has introduced an innovative new turn-key starting (TKS) system technology for its industry-leading carbureted sterndrive and inboard engines. The system dramatically simplifys starting, the most common complaint among carbureted engine owners.

MerCruiserŽ developed its new TKS system, which utilizes a redesigned carburetor with an automatic fuel-enrichment system instead of a traditional choke, to produce instant, effortless starts at the turn of a key - even in cold weather.

"Carbureted engines are a tried-and-true technology, but as was suggested by J.D. Power's research, they needed to be easier to start," said Jay Povlin, MerCruiser's vice president of sales, marketing and product integration. "Now, with our new TKS system, you simply turn the key, and the engine starts effortlessly and consistently. There's no longer a need for priming or throttle-handle adjustments; just turn the key and go."

TKS is now standard on all carbureted sterndrive and inboard engines, and, as a result, the entire MerCruiser line-up, fuel-injected or carbureted, delivers simple turn-key starting. Additionally, the redesigned carburetor and additional components that make up the TKS system are available from Mercury Precision Parts & Accessories as an after-market kit and can be retrofitted to MerCruiser products manufactured since 1997.

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