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The Art of the Repower

A new engine can renew your boat's life – without the need to change boats! 

It would be no exaggeration to say that a new engine grants a boat a new lease on life. Comfort and safety on board are enhanced, performance improved, maneuvering is simplified and the value of the boat increases! 

A few of the considerations when re-powering your boat are outlined below. Please read through this page and make sure you view our three-minute Dickson's Re-power Presentation on this page. As always contact Dickon's Marine to find out more about your re-power options.

Diesel vs Gas:

A diesel engine generally offers better operational reliability, a longer service life and improved safety. The advantages of gasoline engines are high performance in relation to weight and a relatively low purchase price. The more often you use your boat, the more suitable a diesel engine is for the application. 


The power of the engine is another concern when considering a re-power. Most planing hulls can increase their top speed with a more powerful engine. In many cases however, more important than an increase in top speed is the boat’s ability to accommodate heavier loads and increased cruising range. Although diesel and gas engine horsepower are basically equivalent, the high torque output of modern turbo-charged diesel engines and efficient cruising they allow are very attractive to most boaters.


Adding options like supplementing or exchanging noise insulation is far easier with an empty engine bay, so it's a good idea to take advantage of the opportunity.

You should also take the opportunity to inspect air vents and ventilation. In many cases, it's worth replacing the electrical system in a boat in connection with an engine change. In the corrosive and damp marine environment, a ten-year old system is no longer as efficient and safe as when new. In addition, modern boats are often equipped with a greater number of electrical appliances, something the electrical system may not have been designed for. 

Water heaters powered by the engine’s cooling system, effective theft protection, a hot-air fan that keeps the windows free from mist or perhaps a bow thruster are all worth considering. Generators are also common replacements in conjunction with an engine re-power.


If you're changing to a modern electronically controlled diesel or gas engine, a series of intelligent instruments are available that you can connect. Modern electronic controls offer straightforward and highly precise engine operation.

It's also wise to inspect, update and/or replace steering cables or hydraulics, battery cables and fuses, fuel supply and return lines, etc. 

Please Contact Dickon's Marine to find out more about your re-power options. Chances are, we have already completed a similar project and can give you a good idea of what will be involved and what performance you can expect. 


Here we have a couple of photos from some fo the repowers and projects we have done.